Clitoraid Story

"My elder sister woke up very early that day and started boiling water on the wooden fire. When the women arrived, my sister tricked me and asked me to go and give a bar of soap to the old woman in the bathroom; so silly of me. I ran there to do it fast and once in front of the toilets, two of the women grabbed me by the arms and put me down on the floor. One was seated on my belly holding my two wrists on my chest, the two others were holding my feet and the old one was in the middle and they excised me and cut my clitoris away without anesthesia. It took me two months to heal...”

Banemanie was thirteen when she excised. She is now 50 and she was one of the first to call Dr. Lankouade, one of the doctors trained by Dr Foldes, to be operated on. She is now able to feel new sensations in her rebuilt clitoris.

She founded an association "Femmes de Coeur" a few years ago to help women develop their leadership abilities is the local correspondent of Clitoraid in Burkina Faso. It promotes throughout the country, in every community, the possibility for women to have the surgery performed. Banemanie reports regularly on the number of women who have had the surgery performed and progress made in regaining their sense of pleasure.

It's with great hope and enthusiasm that the women of Africa support the Clitoraid Project!