The Raelian Movement and its sister organization, Clitoraid, join in the outrage over the Australian Government considering the introduction of female genital mutilation!

giugno 10 2010, Categorie: Press-Releases
Sydney June 2nd, 2010

"While the International Raelian Movement is based on the protection of cultural rights of any groups, the line is clearly drawn at any form of violence, disrespect or in this case, outright sexual mutilation!" explains Jarel, leader of the Raelian Movement in Australia. "There can be no justification for such a proposal, what is needed is education and support for women that belong to these cultural groups to help them break free and reclaim what they were rightly born with; a beautiful sex and a functioning clitoris. After all, every human being has been designed to experience pleasure."

“The purpose of genital mutilation is one of cultural sacrifice not religious, and its only purpose is to remove any sexual pleasure the woman might experience,” states Zabou, the coordinator for Clitoraid in Australia. "Australia should aim to be the leaders in the reconstruction of the women who have been rendered a life of pain and suffering due to this barbaric practice, and not be part of its survival"

Clitoraid is a non-profit organization that is currently setting up a hospital in Burkina Fasa, run by volunteer doctors dedicated to the reconstruction of the damage millions of women who struggle to live with the painful consequences of female genital mutilation. Clitoraid’s goal is to inform the population, and also to collect funds to finance the construction of this hospital, where the patients will be operated on for free!!

Zabou: “If some group were to remove the hands of children for cultural reason, would the government offers to do it in hospital under the premise that is safer? of course not. the problem lies in the fact that a clitoris is still considered as dirty and useless. This prejudice has led 170 million women in the world to feel incomplete, ignoring the pleasure of orgasm that is now known as contributing to a healthy life . We cannot let our government be an accomplice to such barbaric practice."
Clitoraid has received several requests from Australian women willing to be repaired. One of them will be operated on by our leader surgeon in Colorado this coming Summer. (dear Nadine, please give Eden the status on that ok?)

For further information contact Eden Bates on +61 425 235 556.