Vagina Monologue - San Diego & Hawaii

febbraio 14 2011, Categorie: Events
The VM play is about violence done against women, they not denounce the violence but also offer relief to the victims. They were touched by our Clitoraid message and offered to help us collect donations.
Incidentally Dr. Bowers, our head Clitoraid Surgeon, was part of the VM in Los Angeles in 2004 with the famous Eve Ensler who originally wrote the VM that is now performed around the world.

Nadine Gary with the VM team

Clitoraid attended the "Vagina Monologues" production at the University of Hawaii, Hilo, February 18, 2011
Many people seemed to know about female genital mutilation, and were happy to learn that a new kind of surgery can help the victims.

Donna Grabow