Life Stories

Hello I’m KANKOUAN Edjibie and I’m 35 years old.
Simply, I wish to reconstruct my organ that was forcibly removed by my parents without my consent, allowing me to enjoy the gift our creators have given us. It will also help to discourage the practice of excision. I think Clitoraid is doing a wonderful job and I thank them for thinking about African women, offering us a hospital as a means to help restore our dignity and wellbeing and educating us about sexual pleasure. I can only support Clitoraid in their battle to see that African woman have a chance to blossom. Good Luck Clitoraid!
My name is KANKOUAN Djeneba.
I am 24 years old, I wish to have clitoral repair surgery because when I have sexual intercourse I often feel pain. During my childbirth I had complications and the midwives had to cut up my vagina to help deliver the child. They told me it was due to the fact that I was excised. This is why I wish to be restored and to stop the old women who still practice as this is against Human Rights. I think that the NPO organization Clitoraid will help many women enjoy their sexuality without fear. I wish you all a lot of courage.
My name is TRAORE Fatoumata and I’m from Burkina Faso.
I was excised when I was 10. It was terrible because the pain was awful. I want to reconstruct my clitoris to make love with pleasure. I thank Clitoraid for building a hospital in my country because it will help many girls and women to blossom sexually and psychologically. I am in a real hurry to have my operation. I’d like to be the first patient to be operated because it’s so good to feel love.
My name is SOURATIE Salimata and I’m 24 years old.
I was excised when I was 12 years old. My scar has never really healed which means that I always feel pain in that area. I wish to restore my clitoris to know how it feels to have pleasure and not pain, especially when I have sexual relations. I hope my clitoris, that was removed by force, can be restored to allow me to enjoy my sexuality.
My name is OUARME Habibata and I am 26 years old.
I was excised at the age of 6. I wish to reconstruct my clitoris to enjoy what was taken from me by force and to fully enjoy my sexuality. Clitoraid is an organization that helps women in Africa become happier by promoting sexual, physical and psychological wellbeing.
My name is Dr MOUGNIGA Alimata and I am a pharmacist.
I’m 39 years old and I’m interested in clitoral repair surgery because I wish to restore my physical integrity as well as my dignity. I thank Clitoraid for this wonderful humanitarian action that helps to save lives and gives hope to all victims of FGM.